Thursday, March 17, 2011

Talkin' About re-coat

Around the start of 2011, RepcoLite launched a new product:  re-coat recycled paint.  This was originally exciting for us because finally we'd be able to help our customers dispose of their unwanted, usable latex paint--you know, all the cans and cans of paint people typically have piled up in their basement.  Before re-coat, there really wasn't any regular way of getting rid of old latex paint.  In fact, even the county web sites and environmental organizations recommended that, for latex paint, your best bet is to dry it up and toss it (if you can't use it up or donate it).

Because of that--because the only solution being offered to West Michigan was to toss it in the landfills--RepcoLite started re-coat.  And, as I mentioned, we were originally excited about it because it gave us a way to help our customers and the folks in West Michigan get rid of their unwanted paint.

However, now we're finding ourselves excited about re-coat for another reason:  it's a darn good paint!  We've said from the beginning that it was a premium product available for a great price, but despite all our testing, there was one thing we lacked:  feedback from a real contractor.  Well, that is no longer the case.

Tom VanderWerp, from VanderWerp Interior Finishes, rolled seven of re-coat's designer colors onto the walls of a new spec house in Grandville.  Tom had noticed the product in the store and was initially intrigued by the palette of colors offered by re-coat.  Because of the designer colors, he decided to use it on this house and his response and feedback on the project and the paint was amazing.

Below I'm posting the audio--contained in RepcoLite's daily Another Day at RepcoLite radio blurbs.  They're 5 minute or so clips and if you give them a listen, you'll hear Tom sing the praises of re-coat in his own words.

Another Day at RepcoLite
--Episode #316 (original airdate:  2/25/11)

Another Day at RepcoLite
--Episode #317 (original airdate:  2/28/11)

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  1. My husband and I were so happy to find that you recycled paint. I was happy to not have to throw all our old paint into a landfill! Thanks. I even wrote about you on my blog!