Monday, October 3, 2011

ArtPrize 2011: Edgar Mueller's 'Phoenix'

It's time for ArtPrize again in Grand Rapids--an annual art competition that is open to any artist from anywhere in the world.  Last year, RepcoLite participated by donating some paint to some of the artists.  We did the same thing this year and wanted to take a moment to highlight those artists and what they created using RepcoLite Paints!

First up is international artist, Edgar Mueller.  His entry in the contest is one of the most unique works we've ever seen.  It's a 3D illusion painted on the parking lot of the City Art Gallery in Grand Rapids.  From one perspective, it just looks like a lot of paint all over the parking lot.  From the right perspective, the illusion comes together and you see something truly remarkable:  asphalt crumbling away into an open chasm out of which a Phoenix rises.

Amongst other paint, Edgar made use of RepcoLite's NEW (to be released next Spring) Endura Exterior Paints.  These paints provide vivid colors and remarkable fade resistance.  They're perfect for your home . . . and an international artist's ArtPrize entry.

Go see Edgar's work in person...or at least take a look below!  Or, better both!

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