Friday, August 24, 2012

Making "Big Red" Red Again

Holland's Big Red Lighthouse, a landmark of the Holland area for years has recently been fading from the bright red icon we're used to seeing at the entrance to the harbor to something more, how shall we put

The last paint job on the lighthouse was in 2009 when, according to John Gronberg, secretary and commissioner of the Holland Harbor Historical Lighthouse Commission, "the most expensive paint we've ever used" (not supplied by RepcoLite, for the record!) was brushed and rolled onto the structure. It wasn't long, the harsh weather conditions began to take effect. In the end, that high end and promising coating failed much quicker than expected and the "pinking" of Big Red was well underway.

Three short years later, in 2012, the members Holland Harbor Historical Lighthouse Commission found themselves actively looking for solutions to turn Big Red red again. Happily, working with Lamar Construction, we were able to step in and help.

Check out some photos showing the process and results!

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