Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Coming Soon: Benjamin Moore Paints

Just last week, we started renovating our 17th Street Factory Store in Holland.  And we're all feeling a little displaced right now.  Our paint stock isn't where it used to be and we're constantly surrounded by builders and electricians and the smells of construction.  And yes, like all construction projects, it's a little inconvenient.  A little messy.  

But the good news is the reason for the project.  We're not just updating the store for aesthetic reasons (that's part of it, but that's not the important part!).  We're digging into this project because we are bringing Benjamin Moore Paints to our location!

A few years ago we started the process of adding Benjamin Moore Paints to our shelves.  It started with a location here and then another one over there.  Time went by and we added it to store after store, but now, finally, once this project is complete, we'll be able to finally say that we've got Benjamin Moore products at EVERY RepcoLite location.

And so, right now, we put up with a little construction dust, a little mess, a little inconvenience.  But, in the end, after all the work is done, we'll have a beautifully updated store, a full line of Benjamin Moore products to offer (in addition to all the paint that we originally carried), AND a store staffed by some of the best "paint people" around!

Changes are coming.  We can't wait to post updated photos of the new front counter....

The process of pulling up the carpet has begun.  (We got tired after getting this front corner up.  We'll get the rest later...)

Here's the store as it looks now (and how it looked over 20 years ago!)  The updates are much needed--(and we can't wait to see Benjamin Moore labels on the shelves!)


  1. YES!! How soon will Benjamin Moore be available?

    1. The paint is in the 17th Street store already! As of right now, every RepcoLite location offers a full line of Benjamin Moore products along with our own brand!